Church Pictorial Directories
Pictorial Directories can help ministry staff be more effective by helping them connect faces with names and provides a concise listing of member contact information.  They are also a fantastic way for new and old church members alike to be able to connect with a growing church family! 

Photograph 65 Families* & Your Directories are FREE!

Choose from two great programs:  

Church Pictorial Directory Fundraiser - click here for details

Traditional Pictorial Directory- click here for details

Your Church Pictorial Directory Will Include:  
  • A custom cover page
  • A pastor’s page with portrait and message to the congregation
  • Family pages with each member’s family portrait
  • A Family Roster with each family’s contact information
  • BONUS—earn extras including hard cover, additional pages, etc.  

NEW FOR 2018! NOW OFFERING VIRTUAL PICTORIAL DIRECTORY OPTION! A secure, online directory can now be at your fingertips, complete with both computer and free mobile app capabilities! Ask us for more details!

*Restrictions may apply and/or minimums may be raised for areas outside of standard service area.  Please ask us for more details.
*Get started on your Church Directory Fundraiser today!  Please contact us to request your free information packet!  Or call us at 1-706-672-5151.

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